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The Packet Dancer


Barcelona, 2024. The Occupy Wall Street movement has risen again, and the protest rallies are serious enough that the CIA has deployed Agent Darien Blakely, an undercover agent disguised as a pot-smoking trust-fund bum, to keep an eye on things.

But Darien quickly learns that the protesters are the least of the world's worries. The Xenu's Resistance Army, a secret paramilitary army of renegade pseudo-Scientologists, has risen with shocking suddenness to take advantage of the unrest.

Darien soon learns that the XRA has infiltrated his CIA handlers, and he's forced to go rogue - joining forces with the protesters and their shadowy, wizardly leader, known as Double-X, in a desperate bid to foil a worldwide scheme that's chillingly reminiscent of the Nazis' "Final Solution."

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This book is available in several different formats, so you can pick whichever one fits best into your life:

Paperback edition:

  • A pocket-size (5- by 8-inch) paperback edition, 320 pages.
  • ISBN 978-1-63591-802-1. Suggested retail price: $19.99.
  • Get it from or — or search your favorite bookseller's Website!



  • ISBN 978-1-63591-803-8. Suggested retail price: $2.99. Available in Kindle edition and on Kindle Unlimited.


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